Employee Benefits

Increase Productivity.
Lower Employee Stress.

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Employee Benefits

Everybody Benefits

Lowering The Burden of Personal Taxes -
That's a Real Benefit.

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Everybody Benefits

We Do Your Employees' Taxes.

You Get The Credit

ProxyTax provides a unique employee benefit that lowers employee stress, increases employer value and strengthens loyalty. Our market-changing approach to CPA tax services for individuals provides employers with an employee benefit program of extremely high value. In the end, we do your employees' taxes and you get the credit.

Program Adoption

We make it easy for your employees to understand your ProxyTax benefit program and how to quickly get up and running.

Program Promotion

A good thing still takes explanation. Our promotional program will facilitate success for your Human Resources team.

Program Management

Your employees are in good hands with ProxyTax CPAs. And you are in good hands with frequent communication about your program's progress.

Employees Love It, Employers Love It

ProxyTax provides employees professional tax preparation and filing by a certified CPA - regardless of location.

Attracting and retaining talent isn't easy. Organizations small and large can distinguish benefit offerings from the competition to keep top performers. Human resource professionals are adding ProxyTax to employee benefit packages. Employees value the service, employers value the employee.

ProxyTax Features

Different people have different tax needs. Whatever your situation this tax season, we've got you covered. From basic returns to more complicated returns, our service features cover the spectrum. ProxyTax does your taxes for you, so you can do life.

Go Ahead, Do Life

Don't worry about the stress of tax season. Spend your time doing what you enjoy. We'll lessen your tax burden.

Tax season brings stress, financial worries, and potentially decreased performance for Employees across the country. Employers can relieve that stress by helping employees do life, instead of doing taxes. ProxyTax does employee taxes for them, no matter where they live or work.

I wish my company had partnered with ProxyTax sooner!

Nate H. / Employee

Nate H.

We Handle The Details

There are alot of details involved in preparing and submitting taxes. At ProxyTax we understand there are tradeoffs to how you complete your taxes. To ease the process we focus on three overarching areas to make sure your taxes are done right and the process we work through with you is easy and safe.


With AICPA SOC 3 compliant servers, your tax information is buttoned up to the highest standards. Using a secure portal to transfer your information guards you from risks associated with email or paper documents.


Get to your documents when you need them, where you need them. With access to your portal from any mobile device with a web browser, you can access your documents, 24/7, 365.


Reliability comes not only when you expect something to be there, but to support you even when you don't expect it. That is where our expertise comes in to play. It's our job to sweat the details, so you don't have to.