ProxyTax is Changing the Way Americans do Taxes

Old Software Approach

For years taxpayers have benefited from the ability to use software to do their taxes instead of resorting to paper and pencil. For a reasonable price, you can buy software that speeds up process, but doesn't relieve the associated pains.

Old Service Approach

Paying a true tax professional or accountant to do their taxes has also appealed to people over the years. Many value their time and are willing to pay for both the expert work and the freedom that come with a professional taking that burden off their plate.

Recently demand has risen for a blending of these two methods of tax preparation. ProxyTax has met this demand by making a tax solution that is personal, technology-enabled and professionally precise. It uses advanced software to provide convenience and security to transfer information, while tax professionals do the actual tax work, making the service reliable and time-saving.

Technology advancements now facilitate real time services across banking, trading and commerce functions by the click of a mouse or flick of a finger. In a world of quicker access to information and expertise, why would tax preparation not innovate as well? Now it has.

ProxyTax Innovation

ProxyTax has reinvented tax services. Americans can now enjoy the ease of using web-based solutions while also benefiting from expert Certified Public Accountants (CPA) completing their taxes. With ProxyTax, individuals now receive a level of tax services that in the past were reserved for corporations.

The security of a 365 day personal portal to store and transfer tax documents. The convenience of 24/7 access to tax documents in a personal portal. The reliability of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) signing off on tax returns regardless of the submitter’s geography.

We do your taxes for you. So you can do life.

ProxyTax Process

ProxyTax enables individuals to upload their tax information directly to a personal, secure portal. This is an AICPA SOC3 approved portal that keeps your information quickly accessible and fully secure. ProxyTax professionals take it from there, ensuring that your taxes are completed and signed off by a CPA. After your taxes are prepared and you sign the approval, they are submitted to the IRS. All communication with you occurs through your secure portal. And of course, we provide audit protection.

You maintain access to your portal, to organize and store your historical tax documents. They are available to you 24/7 from any web browser 365 days/year. We are your proxy.

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Nate H. / Employee

Nate H.