Upfront Pricing

Upfront Pricing

ProxyTax is changing the game with upfront pricing.


No Add-Ons. No Fees.

When is the last time a CPA gave you an upfront cost to complete your taxes?

Didn't think so.

Other tax services add fees, charge for additional forms and add cost for adding credits. They even charge extra for state taxes. You won't find those gimmicks with ProxyTax.

At ProxyTax we think providing the cost upfront for all services is the right thing to do. Times have changed, and while the tax service world is struggling to keeping up, ProxyTax is leading the way. Universally, services for taxes with other providers aren't paid until the return is submitted. This allows the preparer to add fees, adjustments and charges based on criteria associated with any specific part of the return. That doesn't make sense to us.

An Example

When you purchase a meal, you do not suddenly find when receiving the bill that the dressing for the salad, the utensils, and the chair you sat in were additional costs and fees you now need to pay. You are provided the cost of what it is you would like to purchase to satisfy your needs.

During selection, you can find all costs associated with offered services. Costs do not change mid-meal. If you think additional food or service may be needed, those costs are provided upfront, rather than explained in the midst of the service. A menu (a cost sheet) is provided upfront, at the beginning of the process. Cooking and food preparation is expected as part of the cost - washing your vegetables does not come as an add-on service after you've made the order.

Breaking an Industry Best Practice

Well known CPA firms and tax preparation companies have hundreds of fees -most of them hidden- as part of their structure. The thought is that once you have committed your information and have begun the process, you'll give in and pay the extra cost to get the tax monkey off your back. Some firms are doing their best, but because of the charges they have for doing portions of a return, just can't give a price until the taxes are complete.

At first glance. some feel it may easier to pay after the service because they pay with money from their return. But in reality, the cost of that benefit - especially considering hidden fees - many times equates to paying a significant premium on the tax preparation service. At ProxyTax, we think the "best practice" among firms to hide charges and not provide upfront costs until charged is a disgrace.

Client-focused Pricing

There are many modern-day methods to absorb the upfront cost of a tax service until you receive your return. In the end, your financial circumstance is what is most important. Providing cost upfront facilitates a knowledge of the overall cost.

ProxyTax is a proponent of upfront, straightforward pricing. You know what you will pay before trusting us to service your taxes. Unlike other services, ProxyTax is committed so much to this concept that we accept payment upfront, instead of holding you hostage for payment after completing the work. 

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