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Here’s How it All Started.

Tax Season used to be Ugh… It changed for me and it is changing the tax preparation industry.


The Story

It was 2012. Dread leaked across my mind (and apparently my face) as my wife offered an encouraging smile. I was waste deep in completing our taxes, with no end in sight.

Our children had been asleep for hours and my pillow was calling for me.

As we sat in our humble Arlington, Virginia home I asked myself a number of questions that seemed to reemerge every tax season.

  • "Isn't there an easier way than this?"
  •  "My life is quite average, does everyone go through this same ordeal?"
  •  "How do I know if I am taking advantage of all the credits and deductions available to me?"

 All the questions still ended with, "Am I paying the government more than I have to?”

I realized - I'd never really know.

I understood the age-old absolutes of "Death and Taxes." Yet the prior few tax seasons had seemed like Death by Taxes. My time, emotions and pocketbook were the victims.

In front of me sat my trusty do-it-yourself software. Although the software company from the previous year attempted to lock me in, I hadn't much enjoyed the experience and was using a different leading tax software this time around. I had even been charged extra to include a tax credit that would lower my tax payment. Some of the software questions were straightforward enough. Others were a little more difficult.

Then I came to a question - I had no idea what the question meant. I wondered what the ramifications would be if I answered wrong.

Reluctantly, I dialed my college roommate, Brian. He is a CPA and I trusted his advice.

"I know the tax code," said Brian "but some of these questions you're answering aren't related to the tax code.”

This really got me spinning. He explained that many of these questions are for the software to understand situations to better select the types of forms, credits, deductions, etc. that I’d need. But they weren’t always straightforward, or representative of the tax code itself.

This was the beginning of mine and Brian’s work to build a tax prep solution for regular folks.

It needed to be something easier, something more expert, something that eases the tax burden – in all its definitions. The result is ProxyTax.

4 Game Changers

 Mix together a pedestrian and car owner and you get Uber, a sleepy vacationer and an empty apartment, you get Airbnb. Mix together a tax payer and a CPA with available time and you get ProxyTax. There is no need for a local accountant. There is no need to spend time digging into tax software. Get your tax prep services when you need it, from anywhere.

  1. Expertise

The tax prep software companies have struggled with expertise for many years. Gimmicks and loud shouting still haven’t convinced me that software can calculate a better tax return than an expert. (See why in #4). And when I say expert I don’t mean someone who took a class one day and is preparing your taxes the next day.

 I want a real expert. So ProxyTax provides a Certified Public Accountant.

  1. Ease of Use

What I didn’t want was an unsecure method of emailing, waiting at an office, dealing with paper, snail mail, etc. I wanted it to be easy – so easy I could do it on my phone. I wanted to submit, reassure everything was ready to go with the CPA and be done with it.

So, ProxyTax enables individuals to upload their tax information directly to a personal, secure portal. This is an AICPA SOC3 approved portal that keeps your information quickly accessible and fully secure. Oh, and if you need that information for a loan or purchase it is available at your fingertips.

  1. Time

Like many people, I’d rather spend my time doing things I enjoy. I don’t want to spend time to find an accountant, make repeat visits to a local office or spend time punching a keyboard.

That’s why ProxyTax provides an expert CPA that is remotely nearby. Upload your tax docs from wherever. Access them through any mobile, tablet or desktop web browser. Go do what you want while ProxyTax does your taxes.

  1. Cost

I used to do my own taxes because I thought I was saving money. Two things changed my mind.

First, Brian revisited my previous, software-submitted taxes and saved me hundreds of dollars. There is nothing like getting a $500 check out of the blue.

Second, software prices are deceiving as more and more fees are snuck into the process. Itemized deductions may cost more, getting certain credits may cost more, filing status may cost more, etc. It adds up fast.

ProxyTax services can now be purchased with a cost nearing that of prep software. But it is through an expert, it is worry free and it is time saving.


Companies Pay for Employee Tax Prep


The best way to make the value of ProxyTax available is to go to where it can ease the most pain.

Tax season is stressful on employees. “83% of HR professionals indicated that personal financial challenges have a large or some impact on employee work performance in their organizations. Ability to focus on work (47%) and overall stress (46%) were reported to be the employee work performance aspects most negatively affected.”1

That is why the ProxyTax employee benefit program for companies to pay for or subsidize their employee tax prep is attractive to organizations around the country.

As ProxyTax says,

We do your taxes, so you can do life.™