ProxyTax Blue Service

ProxyTax Blue Service

ProxyTax Blue is the service package built for those who earn income and/or interest. Those who qualify for this service plan will do one or more of the following:

  • Have wages and/or unemployment compensation
  • Claim the standard deduction
  • Declare a small amount of interest
  • Declare other miscellaneous items
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Service Overview

Many qualify for the Earned Income Credit or other available credits. At ProxyTax we feel it's our duty to help our clients receive all the benefits available to them in the tax code. And we do it for one simple fee. In contrast, some retail companies charge an additional fee to claim credits you already qualify for and should be receiving.

As with all ProxyTax service levels, you'll enjoy the many services ProxyTax believes should be included in every return:

  • Taxes reviewed and signed off by a Certified Public Accountant
  • Free e-filing of all state returns (Others hide the fact that they charge an extra fee for this)
  • Unlimited number of dependents
  • Any filing status
  • Staff available 24 hours a day for residents convenience or in case of emergency
  • Your own personal, private, and secure portal to store all your tax returns and information, available to you throughout the year, any day, anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Audit protection. In the rare case you get a notice from a taxing authority, we'll be there to help resolve it
  • Save time and stress by letting us handle all the technical stuff
  • No wasting time or money with in-person visits

Floor Plans

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Included Tax Features

Audit Protection,Free e-filing of All State Returns,Mobile Access to Tax Documents,No Restriction of Filing Status,Personal Private and Secure Portal,Standard Deductions,Standard Income,Taxes Reviewed by a CPA,Unlimited Number of Dependents,Upfront Pricing


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